Born on May 12, 1998, in Toronto, Canada, Emmanuel Junior Anane found it hard to express his inner feelings because nobody would ever listen. so as time went on, he would become very quiet and submissive, suppressing the majority of his feelings to make others happy. at the age of 15, while walking to high school, he was stopped by his gym teacher who carried bad news. He told Ånanę that

 his close friend was murdered in broad daylight. after this day, Ånane became even more troubled with his feelings and thoughts until he came across Kendrick Lamar music. Kendrick's ability to connect and comfort people through his music is the reason Ånanę began rapping. He started studying Lamar's flow, words, energy, and demeanor.  Ånanę started to take music seriously during the beginning of his third year in University. he

began experimenting with sounds, songwriting and singing at the age of 19 after being inspired by Jacob Banks. while in his third year at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, he decided he no longer wanted to live a life that was given to him but rather create his own by pursuing what he truly loved. so by the summer of 2018 he dropout and enrolled at Metalworks Institute for the music business and audio production to increase his understanding and skills as an artist/producer/singer/songwriter/engineer in the music industry. Ånanę's main focus is to create an atmosphere of love, understanding, honesty, and acceptance by transforming his human experience into sonically pleasing music that connects and guides people through the nature of the universe.


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